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Newton DIY Balancing Cradle (Obsolete)
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The Newton Balancing Cradle is the latest addition to the DynexHobby DIY balancer series. The Newton is constructed from CNC machined plastic polymer frames, aluminum, ball-bearing joints, and stainless-steel fasteners. It is designed for quality at a hobbyist budget. 
The Newton cradle provides a frictionless suspension system that allows the rotor to move freely about its centroid such that imbalance can be measured. The Newton is an entry-level balancer and allows users to construct their own DIY balancing rig at very low cost.

  1. To protect the components of the balancing cradle during shipping, Netwon is supplied disassembled.
  2. Please refer to sales conditions for USA & Canada on checkout.
  3. Due to operational speeds and tolerances, it is not recommended to use this device to balance very high-speed flexible turbine rotors.
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Hi; Is it possible for the cradle to add ball bearings in the rolling area by using the drilled holes at the top ( sides of the V) instead ? I'm looking at balancing a shaft with rolling areas 12" apart..( Intermediate oil pump shaft on 4-cylinder engines) Thanks Ricardo

Hi Ricardo Yes you certainly can! You will find that our balance cradle has holes already in place to install roller bearings. Please check out our Titan Cradle. regards Mark.