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Ducted Fan Unit JETFAN-110 PRO
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The JETFAN-110 PRO has been developed by JETFAN for the 110mm EDF class. The customers' requirements for a little more "audible punch and turbine noise" are achieved by more blades and lowering of the speed. Thus, we have again a distinctive sound, and could suppress the unpleasant high frequencies.

Impeller for jet models of the 100 mm class, as well as the 55 to 60 turbo class! The new stator design now provides the largest possible throughput area / FSA and the entire motor surface is cooled. For input power above 3000 watts, the original heat sink should be installed with the HET motors.

Caution: When installing the spacer sleeve and the HET cooler, use non-metallic thermal paste from the electronics accessory store.

Applicable motor diameters from 39.1 to 40.0 mm. Spacer sleeve from 39.1 to 40.0mm enclosed.

The weight of the JETFAN-100 PRO is about 185 grams, making it the lightest in its class!

Maximum thrust: up to 9 kilos

1. Contact us for pricing.
2. All EDF units are made to order and can take up to 3 weeks to ship.

3. We do not supply motors as they can be purchased from at lower cost.

Do you need to balance this EDF? See our new Impulse dynamic balancer below.

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