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Ducted Fan Unit JETFAN-80 V3
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The new JETFAN-80 V3 was developed from the proven JF-80.

Due to the increased surface area (FSA) of 37.7 sq. Cm and new lower-resistance stator blades, the efficiency and engine cooling could be improved even further! 

This results in an increase of the thrust of up to 5% with the same input power!

The design continues in the direction of high jet velocity and dynamic thrust. 
It was especially taken care that they can continue to use their proven high-speed 36mm-40mm engines.                                                           

For 36mm motors like the HET-650 series, there are matching complete heatsinks to buy, and for the 39mm motors like the HET-700, there are enclosed tubes from 39.00 to 40.00mm, so that the different motors are always completely supported by the stator blades.

It is explicitly pointed out that this article number includes only the impeller without motor, without glued fixing straps, and without any inlet lips or heat sink.

1. Contact us for pricing.
2. All EDF units are made to order and can take up to 3 weeks to ship.

3. We do not supply motors as they can be purchased from at lower cost.

Do you need to balance this EDF? See our new Impulse dynamic balancer below.

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