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Vortex Dynamic Balancer & Spectrum Analyser - Obsolete (See Impulse)
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Vortex is a combined dynamic balancer and vibration analyzer for hobbyist. It is capable of balancing rotors and shaft assemblies to reduce wear and improve performance. The vortex system can operate as a stand-alone device or it can be connected to a PC for advanced analysis.
This item includes the following;
  •   Vortex unit assembled ready to run
  •   Accelerometer Sensor
  •   FREE Software downloaded online. Includes UNLIMITED updates.
  •   FREE support
The following items are optional and are sold seperately;
  •  IR Sensor
  •  Strobe Light
Battery not included.
*Please note, Vortex usually ships within 1 week. During periods of high demand shipping may take longer.
Name : André Melin
Location :
Title :
Review : I bought it hoping it was worth it. And it is!! Better result than with Android/Iphone vibrometer and even Laser/Mirror method. You just need to build your cradle, basically same as one shown in the tutorial. You have everything in one Program as tools needed for proper balancing. Forget Oscilloscope. Forget RPM KV meter. Everything in one shot. Just buy also a precise Weight and all goes fine. Need a cradle, ask me for the technical drawing all Aluminum and a steel plate and some rare earth magnets. I am very pleased with this intelligent and precise method and product.

Name : Melin André
Location :
Title :
Review : The phase meter only works on English Windows installation. Note from DynexHobby: New software has been released to correct this issue. The installation now works across all regions.

When will the impulse balancer be back in stock , thanks Tony

Hi Tony, apologies, the last one has been sold. We will run another production run this week hopefully back in stock next week. regards Mark.

Hi What type of acceleration sensor do you use for this equipment ? Kind regards Christoph

Hi We use a MEMS 3 axis anolog accelerometer.

Hi, Just bought a soft bearing balancing machine with old strobe and electrodynamic sensors. I plan on using your equipment to learn a few things and I was wondering if your balancer will use both accelerometers at one time or if I need to switch. Not quite sure from the manuals and info. You should look at making 2 plane system and software that will balance without trial run and since you already have most of it written. I would be really interested in that one and willing to pay.

Hi, you switch between the 2 sensors one at a time. Our forums have a diagram illustrating how. Follow advice in vortex manual for measuring your mount natural frequency and you should be right to go. enjoy!

Do you deliver in Philippines?

Yes we deliver globally

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